Gerlinde D.    


Expecting a 2018 foal (Epke 474 x Andries 415)

​Gerlinde (Andries x Folkert) was imported from Holland to our farm in 2017. She received a 1st Premie as a foal. As a two-year-old Gerlinde earned a 1st premie and became Youth Champion of the Hilvarenbeek keuring. In 2014 she became 1st premie, with an 8 on type and trot!! In that same year she was appointed prov. Crown at the central mare show in Holland. Gerlinde became first in her group and was invited to the championship round. She is a beautiful elegant mare with 3 strong gaits, with a natural powerful hind leg. She shows great under saddle and in front of carriage.

Gerlinde is tall (163cm), has great looks and a big heart. When the time is right, and she is fully back into shape after foaling, we will train her for the IBOP in North America and hopefully gain her Perm. Crown title.  She also has a rock solid pedigree!

  • A very noble head
  • Nice racial type
  • Great breeding values
  • Stamline 25 (Generation 12)
  • ​DOB April 14, 2010

Anne van de Anne Hoeve


Expecting a 2018 foal (Tjalbert 460 x Onne 376)

Anne (Onne x Tsjerk) was imported from Holland to our farm in 2017.  As a foal, she received a 2nd Premie in 2008.  As a three year old, Anne became a first Premie and easily earned her Crown status.  She is a big beautiful mare with 3 powerful gaits and a lovely character.

Anne's dam is Model, Sport, Preferent, Prestatie.  This is very rare and proves that Anne is an outstanding addition to our program.  She has one of the top pedigrees in North America!

A classic mare, Anne is very tall (169 cm) and shows a great aptitude for sport which is supported by both of her IBOP scores and the Crown predicate.  

  • Noble head
  • High racial type
  • Exceptional pedigree
  • Stamline 2 (Generation 3)
  • ​DOB February 7, 2008