​The Ideal Character

Good manners, level-headed, keen and inquisitive are characteristics that make the Friesian breed the favourite of so many. Yet, we also appreciate sensitive and spirited horses that do well at the highest levels. For breeders and recreational riders reliability is the most important characteristic by far. Calm and relaxed, steady and eager to work are other qualities that describe the ideal horse for competitive non-competitive riders and drivers.

High on the wish list of recreational users are reliable, not overly sensitive (hot) horses with a good work ethic. People in top sports also value reliability and willingness to work, but also need their horses to be sensitive and responsive. It´s all about differentiation in the degree of sensitivity.

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​​The qualities we breed for as adopted from the KFPS:

  • ​​​A functionally and harmoniously built usable horse that has the Friesian breed characteristics, is healthy and vital, and has the aptitude to perform in sport.